Japanese culture is a complete mystery, strange custom,however…

There are a lot of foreigners here in Japan now. And the number of visitors to Japan is…


Can you guess?

You don’t know?


Ok! Let me show you…(^ ^)/


Increase the number of foreign visitors to Japan to 20 million in 2016 and over 30 million in 2030.

In 2016, the 10 millionth visitor was a Thai woman. How wonderful!


By the way, we Japanese have many opportunities guiding some sightseeing spots to them and having dinner together.


But, please wait a minute!




Even if we (Japanese) are asked about Japan in various ways, we know nothing…



Maybe, yes…





・In simple English

・To have you come to like Japan


At first, I want to answer the following questions😃





Q1: Why don’t Japanese use the word “no” ?

A1:Because if we say “no” we fear that the conversation would end. We want to continue the communication. And, to disagree with someone can be sometimes considered impolite.



Q2:Japanese don’t praise members of their own family in public. Why?

A2:When other people are around, it’s bad manners to praise your own family. Family members are an extension of yourself, so, if you praise your own family members, it’s seen as pride.



Q3:Why do we need to take off our shoes?

A3:When we take off our shoes, we feel like we can relax. You don’t have to worry about your shoes. No one will steal them. If you have holes in your socks, people might laugh, but it’s okay😄




Q4:Why do the Japanese eat buckwheat noodles on New Year’s Eve?

A4:The custom of eating long noodles on New Year’s Eve is a symbolic gesture to wish for a long and fortunate life.




Q5:Why do many Japanese use a cover for the book they’re reading?

A5:The careful wrapping of purchased items is an important service at Japanese stores. At bookstores, this service includes placing a paper cover on purchased books. The custom started in the early 20th century, and is now expected by many customers.




How did you like it?


Are you not satisfied?

U—m. That’s troubling, isn’t it.😏



It’s difficult to answer the question about our living. Because they are things that we usually do unconsciously. For example, the custom ( a cove for the book) is very rare around the world.

I will be troubled if asked why it is. Why? Why? Why? …So I went on a trip in order to learn that reason😛 And I knew that there was unique packing culture in Japan. It’s unlike any other in the world.


You might think of Japanese as “what a rum fellow”.

Japanese don’t shake hands when we greet other Japanese, but we bow to each other.We are not used to hugs and kisses when we greet westerners. Japanese men often wipe our faces and necks with the towels called “oshibori”, but it’s better-not to.😌


However …

Everyone, we highly appreciate your continued efforts.

Be pro-Japanese (^ ^)/