Hum of the Geisha (Pleasure)

Japanese Anime Theme Songs in English (YouTube)

What are some of the best Japanese anime songs? Who doesn’t love karaoke? Of course singing isn’t for everyone, particularly singing in front of strangers. So it’s OK. just listen if you are poor at singing.



Trying to choose the best anime of all time is an impossible task. Much like trying to pick the best movie ever made, there are too many masterpieces to choose from. But trying to pick the best anime theme songs?

That’s much easier. Let’s check the following YouTube.





♪ Story ♪




♪ Always with me ♪       by     Meja

( Spirited Away)




♪ Lipstick Message ♪      by Meja

(KIKI’s Delivery Service)




♪ Carrying You ♪      by Krystal Xu

(Laputa 〜 Castle in the Sky)




♪  Princess Mononoke ♪      by   Meja

(Princess Mononoke)









♪ Butter Fly ♪




♪ Crime & Punishment ♪




♪ Faith ♪




♪ God Knows ♪




♪ Kami no Manimani ♪




♪ Lost One’s Weeping ♪




♪ Nonsense Speaker ♪




♪ Smile Bomb ♪




♪ Soleil ♪




♪ We are ♪




♪ Why, or why not ♪




♪ Witch Hunt ♪









♪ Sazae san ♪




★  Top 10 Catchiest Opening Songs of Anime




♪ Mazigner Z ♪       by   ANIMETAL USA




♪ The Galaxy Express 999 ♪




♪ Lupin The Third ♪







How was it?

Of course, there are a lot of anime songs like countless stars are twinkling in the sky. Please remember the anime which you liked. Then listen the song.

Enjoy your time!