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MISIA (ミーシャ) is a Japanese singer (not to be confused with European singer Misia) , who born in Nagasaki, Japan. MISIA moved to Fukuoka at the age of 14 to pursue a recording career.

MISIA came to prominence following the release of her debut album, “Mother Father Brother Sister” (1998), which became the seventh best-selling Japanese debut album of all time.


In 2000, MISIA released her second studio album, “Love Is the Message”, which earned her another Japan Gold Disc Award and Japan Record Award.

Her third studio album, “Marvelous (2001), spawned her first number-one single on the singles chart, “Everything”.


The song became the fourth best-selling single of the 2000s in Japan, as well as the fourth best-selling single by a Japanese solo female artist of all time.



MISIA’s music has elements of blues and soul. She is famed for her 5 octave vocal range and is widely recognized as the first Japanese R&B superstar, paving the way for other R&B-based J-pop “divas,”





MISIA’s profile☆


🔴  Real Name : Ito Misaki (伊藤美咲)
🔴  Born : July 7, 1978
🔴  Genres : R&B, Pop, Soul, Dance
🔴  Blood Type : O



《 Discography 》

 Mother Father Brother Sister  (1998)
 Love Is the Message  (2000)
 Marvelous  (2001)
 Kiss in the sky  (2002)
 Mars & Roses  (2004)


 Singer for Singer  (2004)
 Ascension  (2007)
 Eighth World  (2008)
 Just Ballade  (2009)
 Soul Quest  (2011)


 Misia no Mori : Forest Covers  (2011)
 New Morning  (2014)
 Love Bebop  (2016)



Bono (U2) and MISIA



MISIA has released over 10 studio albums and is among the all-time best-selling Japanese music artists, having sold more than 30 million records.

She is one of the top-touring artists in Japan, becoming the first female artist to play all five of Japan’s largest stadiums in 2004.





Birth of MISIA☆

MISIA’s parents are both doctors. Her father loved jazz, and her mother loved Western music.

MISIA grew up in Tsushima, Nagasaki, and began to learn piano at the age of 4 under the influence of her elder brother and her elder sister. She is the youngest of 3 children.


She joined the local chorus at the age of 9, and she discovered her 5 octave singing voice while at her older sister’s private music lessons.

From then on she dreamed of becoming a singer and later won a contest in Fukuoka. During junior high and high school she sang and played the trumpet in the brass band club in Fukuoka.



While going to the high school, she also began to go to a music academy and met two African-American vocal trainers there.She began training with them in gospel and R&B.

In May 1997, MISIA finally passed a audition to find a soulful female R&B singer. Misia sang “Goodbye Darlin'” by Dreams Come True and was chosen from about 3,000 candidates.


She decided to pursue a music career instead of school education and took a leave of absence from university. She was conscious of the image of an R&B singer and styled her hair in dreadlocks. She used the stage name “MISIA” at the beginning her music career.

(Her name MISIA is a combination of “Misaki” and “Asia”






YouTube Best of MISIA : Part 1 ♡


♪  Tsutsumikomu Youni…  (so as to be wrapped)   ♪

(debut  single  : 1998)
(This song became a long seller)




♪ Wasurenai hibi  ( I don’t forget those days ) 〜 Into The Light 〜 The Glory Day   ♪

(4th single : 1999)




♪ Hatenaku Tsuzuku Story (The story continuing forever without end ) ♪

(9th single : 2002)




♪ Nemurenu Yoru wa Kimi no sei   (I cannot sleep at night because of you) ♪

(10th : 2002)




♪  Tobikata wo wasureta chiisana tori    (A little bird which forget way of flying)   ♪





♪  Kokoro hitotsu   (One Heart )   ♪

(12th : 2003)





(13th : 2003)




♪ Namae no nai sora wo miagete (Look up at the sky without the name)    ♪

(14th : 2004)




♪   SNOW SONG   ♪





♪ Sea of  Dreams   ♪

(16th : 2006)

(Tokyo Disney Sea 5th Anniversary )





(17th : 2007)




♪ Angel ♪





♪ Yes Forever   ♪

(19th : 2008)




♪ Yakusoku no tsubasa     (Wing of the promise)  ♪

(20th : 2008)




♪ Ginga    (Galaxy ) ♪

(22nd : 2009)





Japanese Lesson with song  “Aitakute Ima”

Please learn Japanese language…

(just a little bit…)

(^ ^)


“Aitakute Ima”  (I want to meet now) is the 23rd single by MISIA and was used as theme song for TV drama series JIN -仁- which was aired in 2009 (2 seasons 11 episodes each).

JIN -仁- is one of the most popular Japanese TV dramas in recent years and won many major awards.


The story is about a brain surgeon who was thrown back in time to 1862 (about 150 years ago), and finding out what the true meaning of being a doctor is.

Although not helpful for the Japanese study (old style language is spoken), the program can be helpful to learn about Japanese history, culture and behavior of the people (^ ^)



♪ Aitakute Ima   ♪

(with English Sub)




★ Lyrics in English and Japanese ★

《Read more》





MISIA and Africa☆

In 2012, MISIA took part in “Kohaku Uta Gassen” ( a kind of Song Show) on New Year’s Eve via live satellite feed from Africa.

The program is a tradition in Japan, in which the most popular music artists of the year are divided into competing teams of red and white and perform on TV in the run-up to midnight.


MISIA has been campaigning and fundraising extensively in Africa since 2002.

She sang from the Namib Desert where the temperature will be around 40 degrees.


♪ Everything    ♪

(7th single : 2001)


Her live performance is acclaimed by many.




♪ Asu e    (To Tomorrow ) ♪

(for Recovery/reconstruction support for the Great East Japan Earthquake)





YouTube Best of MISIA : Part 2 ♡


♪  Hoshi no Yō ni…    (Like a star)    ♪

(24th single  : 2009)




♪ Sukoshi zutsu taisetsu ni     (take care little by little)    ♪





♪ Kioku    ( Memories)    ♪

(25th : 2011)


Theme song of  TV  drama “IRYU-SOUSA”.




♪ Koi wa owaranai zutto    ( The love is not over, forever)    ♪

(26th : 2012)





(27th : 2012)




♪ Back In Love Again   ♪

(28th : 2012)




♪ Shiawase wo forever    (Happiness forever) ♪

(29th : 2014)




♪ Boku wa pegasasu Kimi wa porarisu     ( I am Pegasus. You are Polaris)    ♪

(30th : 2014)




♪ Oruphenzu no namida      (Tears of Orr fens) ♪

(32nd : 2015)




MISIA sing a song into the movie 「Sing 」♪





The Tour of MISIA 2005  〜 The Singer Show