The love animated cartoon song makes you happy


Japanese animated cartoons such as “Sailor Moon” and “Pokemon” have become very popular in the States. One of the Sanrio goods, “Hello Kitty”, has gained worldwide popularity.

In such, “Miyuki” was probably popular only in Japan.



By the way,

H2O is the Japanese fork pop duo. They were formed in 1976 and dismissed in 1985.They were re-formed in 1999, but they aren’t coming into action as a group at the moment. Their representative song is ”Omoide ga ippai ” (A lot of memories are in us).



We are H2O


They were classmate of a junior high school. They determined to carry on activity with 2 people in college days. Their No.1 hit song is ” Omoide ga ippai ” , the 5th single .



” Omoide ga ippai ”   by H2O



It was appointed to an ending song of a popular animation “Miyuki” and became a big hit! Unfortunately, they have no hit songs of anything but this song.People didn’t need the fork duo (H2O) at the time. 2 people felt a dilemma and impatience. In the end, they dismissed in 1985.

More than 30 years have passed from a smash hit of this song, but it keeps remaining on many people’s mind even now.




Anime  ”Miyuki” ☆

Miyuki (woman’s name) is a romantic comedy manga series by Mitsuru Adachi. It was published from 1980 to 1984 . The series was adapted into a movie, an anime television series, and a live-action television drama.

It was very popular in Japan and was one of the winners of the 1982 Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen or shōjo manga, along with Adachi’s Touch.


Miyuki was Adachi’s first manga adapted as an anime. The 37-episode anime series was broadcast from 31 March 1983 until 20 April 1984 on TV.The movie version was released in 1983.


If you are interested in “Miyuki”, check it out (^ ^)/~





Story ♡

Masato Wakamatsu, 16 years old, is working at the beach one summer. Having made a bad impression on his classmate/crush Miyuki Kashima, he makes a pass at another pretty girl.

To Masato’s shock, the girl turns out to be his younger stepsister Miyuki (15), who has been living abroad with their father for the past six years.


As school progresses, Masato starts dating Miyuki Kashima. He and his sister Miyuki are living alone together, and he is troubled by his conflicting emotions: filial and romantic feelings toward a sister who may or may not know she is not related to him by blood.




Characters ☆


☆ Masato Wakamatsu

An average high school student . His mother died when he was young, and his step-mother also died when he was young, and he still misses both of them. Masato really likes the Miyuki Kashima, the most popular girl in class, but keeps messing up whenever he tries to talk to her or ask her out on a date.

Just before high school begins, his younger sister (also named “Miyuki”) returns from living overseas with their father (Miyuki’s step-father) for six years, and they now live alone in the same house. This Miyuki is the daughter of his step-mother, and there is no blood relation between them.


This causes some problems as Masato is torn between his growing feelings for his step-sister (who doesn’t seem to know they aren’t related by blood, and insists on having a normal brother-sister relationship while constantly speculating on “if we got married…”) and his very obvious feelings for his classmate Miyuki. As a result of living with his sister, he is constantly seeing women’s underwear and finding them in his pants pockets, leading to embarrassing situations with his classmate Miyuki.



☆ Miyuki Wakamatsu

Masato’s younger step-sister, unrelated by blood. She has short wavy hair, though it becomes a little longer as the series progresses. Despite being younger, she gets much better grades than Masato, and she excels in athletic events. She is extremely popular among the boys at school. She has a very bright and cheerful personality.

Even though Miyuki tries to brush off those actively courting her, they end up causing more headaches for Masato than Miyuki does. As her brother, Masato tries to protect Miyuki from these encroaching “wild beasts”, though this protectiveness slowly becomes indistinguishable from jealousy. Miyuki also begins seeing her brother’s girlfriend, Miyuki Kashima, as a rival.




☆ Miyuki Kashima

In the same class and homeroom as Masato all during high school, this Miyuki is Masato’s girlfriend for most of the series. She has long hair and is extremely popular among the boys in the school. She has the same birthday as Miyuki Wakamatsu, though she is one year older. She has had a crush on Masato since junior high school.

She is extremely proactive in their relationship, regularly asking him to come to parties and over to her house even before they started regularly dating. Miyuki is a very kind and humble person. However, she can be forceful as well, and the beginning of her relationship with Masato is punctuated by her frequently slapping him due to one misunderstanding or another due to her becoming angry. She always apologizes to Masato afterward, however, asking him to forgive her for getting angry so easily.


She is an excellent student, cook, and seamstress. In order to go to the same university as Masato (and be in the same year), she purposely missed the application deadline despite having passed the entrance exam without any trouble.

She subsequently attended the same cram school just to be with him. After overhearing the Wakamatsu sibling’s secret (that they aren’t related by blood) at the pre-wedding dinner reception for Yūichi Sawada and Miyuki Wakamatsu, she runs away and goes on a trip to Hokkaidō in order to sort out her feelings. While there, she runs into Yūichi, who is traveling there after breaking up with the other Miyuki.



” Omoide ga ippai ” (English ver.)




I want everyone to watch this animation. And I wish that you come to like music of H2O. (^-^)/

Pls sing this song by karaoke.