Many reasons to love Japan ♡

Here is something you don’t know. I asked the question, “What do you like in Japan?” to more than 100 people on the street interview.

And one of them told me, “I’ve been traveling Japan for about three weeks. I’m very excited here. You know when you have high expectations, you can be easily disappointed. But Japan didn’t disappoint. I love Japan.”

“I loved it beyond anything I expected. The food, the people, the architecture, the culture — it was bliss. Just how much did I love it? Let me count the ways.”



♡ 8 Reasons to Love Japan


☆ Foods

Although western foods are getting common in Japan, it turned out not only non-Japanese, but also Japanese people are big fan of Japanese cuisine.Why not? Sure, I’m also.

Sushi, Tempura,Yakiniku, Sukiyaki, Motsu-nabe, Una-jyu, Tonjiru, Okonomiyaki, Oden, Ramen, Takoyaki …I can’t count my favorite Japanese foods. I really like the variety.

The traditional cuisine of Japan is based on rice with miso soup.The side dishes often consist of fish, pickled vegetables, and vegetables cooked in broth or something like that.

Fish is essential in Japanese cuisine. It could be grilled, steamed, flied, or even raw (sashimi or in sushi). Either way, it’s fucking yummy. And don’t forget the quality of rice is tremendous and it goes well with any ingredient!


★ Interesting and weird food culture of Japan
★ Interesting Traditions of food You Must Know



☆ Anime

Japanese Anime is definitely awesome, isn’ it? Japanese anime is not for children, but it is for adult audience too. Many films offer on insight into the subconscious of Japanese society well.

Actually, Japanese anime are quite similar to cartoons or animations, but it is the characteristics of Japanese anime that makes them special and unique from just cartoons. The storyline is tend to be really complex and elaborate especially nowadays.


★ Why is “The Dog of Flanders” (anime) popular with only Japanese and Korean?



☆ politeness

I couldn’t get over how amazingly polite everyone was. People went out of their way to be helpful. While getting lost looking for my Couchsurfing host, a guy walked me all the way to the address to make sure I got there.

There was always an offer of helpfulness at the slightest indication of confusion. There was always an apologetic “sorry” — even the signs, when letting people know something was not allowed, began with “sorry.” There is simply a courtesy and helpfulness that permeates the soul of Japan.




☆ Wa

The kanji character wa (和)  means harmony or peace in English. This is one of our concepts. Thanks to this concept, we easily get along with anyone in anyplace. I strongly feel Japan is harmonious society.

We all were taught the importance of caring and contributing others more than yourself. In business situation, most companies in Japan encourage this in the workplace. Not only you have to be talented and bring good result, you have to get along with bosses or coworkers to be promoted in the company.

Actually, rewards and bonuses are usually given to groups, rather than individuals, further enforcing the concept of wa.



☆ Crazy fashion

I love the crazy and wacky outfits people wear in Japan ♡


★ Japanese school bag “Randoseru” is very fashionable

★ Shibuya is the Tokyo that every visitor expects



☆ Onsen (Hot springs)

I’m not a fan of bathhouses. Sitting around naked with a bunch of people isn’t my thing. I gave the Japanese onsens a try, but there were just too many naked men for me.

However, I did venture out when they opened first thing in the morning to have them to myself. I have to admit: sitting in a hot bath with a little waterfall near you is pretty damn relaxing. I want one in my house…when I get a house.


★ Snow Monkeys soak in Hot Springs (Jigokudani) of Japan



☆ Sake

Japanese rice wine is one of my favorite alcoholic drinks. The smooth taste, the fine finish, the fruity flavoring — mmmmm. It makes for the perfect accompaniment to Japanese food.





☆ High-Tech Toilets


★ Japanese high-tech toilets have long been mystery and fascination for Westerners

★ Japan’s weird and unusual bathrooms (toilets) that will have you saying…Really?





What wonders did I miss?


What other secrets does Japan have to offer?


I already long to go back☺️





And more… ♡



Likes ♡


 Very friendly and helpful culture, at least towards foreigners.


 Very trusting culture.  People walking down the street at night and not being paranoid and constantly watching their backs or avoiding other pedestrians out of fear


 Many interesting cities which are very walkable.


 Awesome places for photography – nature combined with old architecture and culture.  It’s pretty much a photographer’s paradise, especially in Autumn and Spring.



 Fantastic bullet train connecting cities (Shinkansen).


 Great preservation of culture and history – especially in places like Kyoto, where they go out of their way to try to maintain that delicate balance between new and old.


 Very very stylish girls in Tokyo especially, with stockings and often showing a bit of leg even when it’s super cold outside.  This is a huge attraction of going to Tokyo as opposed to other cities.


 Many places with good coffee culture.







The owner of the noodle shop who spoke no English but wanted to have a fake game of baseball with me. The old couple who just smiled at me while I ate at their sushi restaurant and gave me a thumbs up every time I said oishii (“delicious” in Japanese).

The man who helped me place my order in Japanese and was shocked when I knew the names of fish in Japanese. Everyone was just helpful and genuinely friendly☺️