Japanese school bag “Randoseru” is very fashionable ♡

Today’s theme is bags. Japanese people always use bags when they go out.But from foreigners’ perspectives, the way Japanese people use bags is mysterious…

Why? Japanese people?


◉ Why Japanese men often have their girlfriend’s ones?

◉ Are there vendingmachines for bags in Japan? So cool!



By the way, “Randoseru” is popular overseas as well. There is craftsmanship in making randoseru that last for six years.


Oh, what?

“Randoseru” is solid and prolongation, and  fashionable?




Anyway, I love bags My room is full of them. I’m always looking for bags that match my fashion. Bags aren’t just useful tools but are fashion items that express people’s lifestyles.

Usually, men don’t bring bags in countries like Australia. Then, how about Japan? How many men carry bags on a holiday?


Actually, many men are carrying bags in Japan. About 80% of men are carrying bags.
How surprise!

“Why are you carrying a bag today?”

“Because it’s more convenient than keeping everything in my pockets. My wallet, also comic storytellimmg…I usually take books with me when I head to my office.”

“A scarf, .a tablet, drink…. I usually have more stuff.”


“I began carrying it recently. The reason is… my cellphone became heavier, and when I kept it in my pocket it made my pants sag. My wallet used to be folded in half , but I switched to a longer one since it’s trending.”😃


Do Japanese men carry around a lot of stuff?


There really are a lot of people who carry bags on their elbow like this. why?


Because it’s easier?


“It starts to fall, and that would look sloppy.”,someone says.




“The bag-in-bag” is popular these days. It’s like “Matryoshka”  (Russian nesting doll).



It’s convenient item that easily enables you to change bags to match what’s fashionable.




It has many pockets and you can store your seal, pens,  keys, and such. It’s convenient because you won’t forget anything if you just transfer this.

What do you think about this?




Why do you guys have so many bags?

“We use all of them. There’s a reason for each one.”

  • for business trip,
  • for going out to the neighborhood,
  • for work
  • for when she wears kimono
  • brand bags for special occasions
  • for his gym uniform,
  • and a bag to put a dictionary in
  • he also has a bag for going to soccer club and…
  • one for the pool


We are separated according to use. and we take different ones according to the season and where I’m going.

It is surprising…😀




I have some questions.



Q1: Men don’t carry bags in your country?

What do you think about more than 80% of Japanere men carrying bags around?And that’s why men would look even more feminine if we were carrying a bag?


Q2:  Is it bad to look feminine?

I know someone (American guy). He usually carry a bag in Japan, but not when he go back to America.


Q3: How do you carry things that don’t fit in pockets such as tablet computers?


Q4: And the way Japanese women carry bags on their elbow. Was this question answered?

Do women carry bags with their elbow in any country? I think they do in America.


Q5: Does everyone have many bags in your country as well?


Q6: What do you think about using bags for different purposes?



By the way,

The secret to female roles making their movements look feminine in kabuki… is to keep their arms close to their bodies and to not raise their arms. Women’s kimono have an opening called “miyatsuguchi”.




Showing inside there is immodest. It’s the same reason why Japanese women wear watches facing this side.Carring your bag on your elbow is a Japanese way of showing elegance.

On the other hand, men carry bags as well. They don’t travel by car much and can use public transportation. They might not have a place to put their things. Or unlike overseas, where people don’t take their work home. Japanese people are always working , even at home. I think such things are related.

How tough…Indeed…😌




Japanese school bag “Randoseru” is now fashionable!

Japanese first year school children are blessed, along with their bags…The root of Randoseru go back over 150 years. When the military system was introduced to Japan from the Netherlands, backpack-type bags to carry the belongings of soldiers called “ransel” were brought in, which was the origin of Randoseru.

It was useful to carry heavy items, kept both hands free and was safe and durable. For these reasons, it later became popular as a school bag for elementary school students after 1950s, changing its name to “Randoseru”.


Are Randoseru popular overseas as well? How about in your country?



The price ranges between 30,000 – 120,000 yen, which is expensive for a children’s bag, but it is so durable that it lasts for the entire 6 years of Japanese elementary school system. It’s mainly made from artificial leather, but there are expensive ones that use cowhide and horsehide. Popular colors used to be black for boys and red for girls, but recently a variety of colors including pastel colors have started to appear.



Randoseru are starting to draw attention worldwide as a fashionable bag for adults, inspired by a famous American actress who used it as a fashion accessory and its use in Japanese anime. Adult versions with different designs are now being made, but the classic black and red ones seem to be popular among visitors from overseas.
Randoseru are available for purchase at specialized stores and department stores. Some stores sell it throughout the year, but most stores start selling from around July for the start of elementary school in April in the following year. Why not use this durable and functional Randoseru, which evolved in Japan, as a fashion accessory for a variety of situations?😊



What kind of bags do elementary school students use?

Which countries have bags that most elementary school students use?

Just Germany?

I see…


These are bags called “schulranzen” that German elementary school children use. They are made with light materials and are characterized by their colorfulness.



So, what kind of bags do elementary school students use?And what do you think why everyone buy randoseru in Japan?

Do I have to answer?



Some people say randoseru symbolize uniformity in education. On the other hand, grandparents giving randoseru to their grandchildren to celebrate admission to school has become a culture.

But now there are more than 100 colors to choose from, which is nice. But children from here on out will learn using computers rather than paper. So I think randoseru and bags that are appropriate for that will be made. Overseas countries that are advancing digitalization do it to reduce children’s luggage. I think bags will continue to change.




Do you care where products are made when you shop?

Bags are a western thing. But they fused with cultures that remained from the Nara and Heian periods (710 – 1185) and uniquely developed in Japan. I think that’s precisely Cool!