Sarah Alainn’s beautiful voice 〜 to bring calm to people ♡


A multi-talented singer, violinist, lyricist and beautiful personality, Sarah Alainn (サラ・オレイン) debuted on May 2010 with the song “Beyond the Sky”, the ending theme to the Nintendo Wii game, Xenoblade.

Sarah Alainn is getting very famous in Japan these days after she won a Karaoke championship on TV program. Originally from Sydney, Australia, she was discovered whilst on an exchange to the University of Tokyo. Sarah is both academically and musically gifted, speaking English, Japanese, Italian and some French.


(Her mother is Japanese)😃

Her interests and abilities are widespread, but she is also an aspiring composer, writer and actress.Often performing at charity and amnesty concerts from a young age, Sarah Alainn dreams of using arts as a way to support humanitarian causes.


♪ A Time For Us ♪


At University, she is an active board member of many International Societies.






Hi, I’m Sarah Alain’s fan from Japan. You can have much more her information from her official WEB and Facebook fan page. Many parts are written in English. Sometimes Sarah writes down on fb fan page by herself.


Sarah has released her first album CELESTE in Japan from Universal Music Japan and it is available on I-tune stores in 48 countires.

I bought the CD, and it’s soooooo nice! Her voice is angelic and her violin is also cool. And she is beautiful!


♪ Stay with me ♪ (Japanese ver)   with Ayaka Hirahara and Chikuzen Sato






There was a quite interesting article about Sarah’s voice on Japanese news papers a few days ago. The part of the article was translated into English on Sarah’s HP.

So I’ll quote it here;

Sarah Àlainn’s limpid voice has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for one’s health ☆


“Sarah can produce an outstanding steady voice. It extends straight as indicated by the speech waveform ruler. Basically, when ordinary people try to extend their voice, the air coming from the lungs and the vocal chords trembles; this results in a non-straight sound ♪

However, Sarah’s voice is extremely stable and controlled. To reach this level requires considerable training.

As an example we could say that she has trained her vocal chords as an elite athlete trains. Her voice’s stability exactly replicates that of a musical instrument with “1/f fluctuations” undulating in her voice.


♪ Always with you ♪


This means that the sound has the effect of inducing αwaves rather than βwaves in the human brain. A sense of relaxation and falling into a peaceful state of mind comes as a result of listening to her voice.

Not only, consonants sung with a beautiful voice are also expected to incur a refreshing feeling. Therefore, Sarah’s voice has the ability to restore stability and to bring calm to people under emotionally strain or just simply tired.

‘A Voice supplement’ or ‘Therapeutic Voice’: are good terms to describe her voice. “A voice with ‘1/f fluctuations’ can ease the human heart as undulating acoustic waves or a church bell can.


♪ Breathe in me ♪


Vienna Boys’ Choir’s latest Christmas album featuring Sarah Àlainn as a guest was released in October,2015.

Sarah Àlainn scores orchestral soundtrack to the documentary of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gunkanjima (Hashima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture), one of the world’s deserted islands commonly referred to as Gunkanjima. Listen to Sarah’s work as a composer and witness the remnants of Japan’s world heritage.







♪ New Cinema Paradise ♪


♪ Shimauta ♪


♪ Frozen – Let It Go ♪   (with May J)


♪ Color of the wind ♪


♪ Little Doll ♪