【 Useful Daily English phrases ♡ Lesson 1 】


If you want to improve your Daily English Conversation Skills,




First of all, you need to learn common structures and sentence patternsexpressionsphrases and idioms that are much used in daily life.

Next, you should learn to speak English by topics. Focus on every single topic until you can speak English easily and fluently on that topic before moving to the next one.


The following lessons cover some topics and sentences  that you will face very often in your daily life.


OK, then…


Learn how to speak English for everyday use. If you are really looking for something to improve your English conversation skill …

and help you speak English more fluently, this site is suitable for you. Learn good phrases from daily conversation ♡



Lesson 1 ★


Just speak up the following sentences  and in some cases, change the key word as you like ☆



☆  The teacher said, ”So much for today’s lesson.”


”So much for today’s lesson” means  “That’s all for today’s lesson. ”


🔵  So much for today’s work.

🔴  So much for small talk.

🔵  So much for his ability.


 small talk・・・polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters, especially as engaged in on social occasions




☆  She bought two dresses. One is green and the other is pink.

🔵  I ate that the other day.

🔴  I saw him the other day.

🔵  Let me have the other one.




☆  Please help yourself to anything you want.


🔵   Please help yourself to more.

🔴   Please feel free to help yourself to the food.

🔵   Help yourself to whatever you please.




☆  Please bring me a cake of soap.


 a lump of sugar


 a loaf of bread


 small piece of cake




☆  Many people say the film is hardly worth seeing.


🔵  It is worth working.

🔴  He is a worthy man.


🔵  It was worth the trouble I took.





☆  Who are you to talk to me like that?


🔵  a person who speaks little

🔴  someone who does nothing

🔵  a person who cares for a child




☆  We stopped and waited for the traffic signal(s) [light(s)] to change.



 traffic of people


  I’m sorry for being late. Traffic was crazy (busy).


 a traffic sign(s)



 Traffic accidents happen daily.


 Observe carefully the traffic rules.


 observe・・・notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant.




☆  I was just leaning forward to switch on the engine.


🔵  the leaning tower of Pisa

🔴  He was leaning against the wall.

🔵  My heart is leaning towards you little by little.




☆  Japan once produced more silk than any other country.


🔵  Quality matters more than quantity.

🔴  She weighs more than I do.

🔵  I can’t do anything more than this.




☆  I think you take the wrong train. This is bound for hell.


🔵  What’s wrong (with it)?

🔴  Something wrong with PC.


🔵  You haven’t done anything wrong.

🔴  You heard me wrong.






★ Conversation ★


A :   I am upset. Somebody told my boss I have a part-time job.

B :   And he doesn’t like that?

A :   No, he doesn’t. He thinks that I am too tired to work.

B :   I’m sorry. I have to admit I told him.

A :   You told him? Why?

B :   I couldn’t help it. He asked me point-blank.



  upset・・・make (someone) unhappy, disappointed, or worried

 admit・・・confess to be true or to be the case

 can’t help it ・・・”I can’t help it”  is an idiom which means “it’s beyond my control.”

 point – blank・・・direct and without explanation or qualification.






☆ Question and Answer by topic ☆


《 Family 》
My name is Katsuo (boy), 11 years old ♡



🔴  How many people are there in your family?

There are 7 people and a cat in my family : my father, mother, sister, brohter-in-law, nephew, me and Tama (pet cat).


🔵  Does your family live in a house or an apartment?

We live in a house in the countryside.


🔴  What does your father do?

He is an office worker  (works at an office).



🔵 How old is your mother?

She is 52 years old, 2 years younger than my father.


🔴 Do you have any siblings ?  What’s his/her name?

Yes, I do. I have 1 elder sister, Sazae, and 1 younger sister, Wakame.
 siblings・・・brothers and sisters



🔵  Are you the oldest amongst your brothers and sisters?

 No, I’m not. I’m the second child in my family.


🔴  What do your mother/father like?

My father likes fishing and bonsai and my mother likes cooking.


🔵  Do your parents let you stay out late?

Of course not. They always ask me to get home before 10 pm each night.


🔴  Do you stay with your parents?

Right now, no, but I used to.


🔵  Does your family usually have dinner together?

Yes, we do. My mom always prepares delicious meals for us.



Nice working with you!☺️