Overnight Bus “Dream Sleeper” Between Tokyo and Osaka Is very comfortable!


Tokyo and Osaka endlessly remain mysterious cities even for those who have lived here their entire lives. Every crevice (隙間、裂け目) seems to hold a hidden treasure. From timeless local bars to hip new hangout spots, eateries, and nightlife…

Why don’t you find your favorite places around Tokyo and Osaka that are often missed in guidebooks and visitor recommendations. Check them out for yourself and see what treasures you uncover in there! 


Dream Sleeper


Complete Private Room


“Dream Sleeper” is a premium overnight bus service to feature (特徴とする、売りにする) completely private rooms, offering unparalleled (比類のない)comfort and convenience for all passengers on board.To help you with your trip planning, here are some details about the service and recommendations for a better ride. Long-distance travelers will agree : Finding an appropriate (適切な、しかるべき) mode (方法) of transportation can be such a chore (雑事、雑用) sometimes. 

The Shinkansen bullet (弾丸) train is obviously the transportation of choice for those wanting the fastest option, but what if you’d rather sightsee or shop for souvenirs during that time, since the Shinkansen only runs during the day? The answer many will likely arrive at is an overnight bus. You’ll arrive at your destination first thing in the morning, even before the first Shinkansen.

On the other hand, since overnight buses spend a much longer time on the road, one can’t help but wonder : Is it possible to find an overnight bus that not only brings you to your destination as you sleep, but is as comfortable as it is convenient? Rejoice! (大いに喜んで)  “Dream Sleeper” demands for a more premium overnight bus service. Please enjoy the ride and comfortable overnight journey!



Start From Ikebukuro

The bus runs from Tokyo to Osaka and back. The Tokyo bus stop is at the rotary just in front of “Tokyo Metropolitan Theater”, immediately after you come out from the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station on the JR Lines.

The Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Information Center is in a building about a one-minute walk from the bus stop. It contains a makeup corner for the exclusive (独占、他人を入れない、排他的な)use of ladies. The center is also open until 12 midnight, which is the boarding time for the final bus of the day, and security guards patrol the place even at night. This means even female solo travelers can wait for the bus here in absolute peace of mind!



Take Off Your Shoes

 It doesn’t seem that much bigger than other overnight buses at first glance. How is it possible to fit 11 private rooms in a bus? Anyway, the driver approaches and politely offers to help us stow (詰め込む) our luggage away. Larger luggage pieces are stowed at the bottom compartment of the bus. You’ll be issued (発行する) a ticket that you have to use to retrieve (取り戻す,回収する) your luggage after disembarking (下船する、下車する). The other half of this ticket is attached to your suitcase in order to help passengers avoid accidentally collecting the wrong luggage.

After all that’s done, it’s finally time to board the bus. the driver requests all passengers to take off their shoes. No shoes allowed on the bus? This seemingly (一見すると、見たところは、表面上は、印象としては)simple bus trip suddenly turns into a homey hotel stay. Not that it’s a bad thing at all!



How Comfortable!


A soothing (心を落ち着かせる、なだめる、慰める) fragrance touches your senses the moment you step onto the bus, which uses aromatherapy to help its passengers drift into (流れ込む、流れ着く) dreamland in pleasant (楽しい、快適な、心地よい、愉快な) comfort (快適さ、安心). There are places like rooms in the bus. There it is! The seat is wide enough to accommodate (収容する、受け入れる)  my body frame.

Each room comes with (〜が付いてくる) buttons to adjust your seat inclination (傾斜)  or ambient (周囲の) lighting. The buttons are labeled with easy-to-understand icons, so that even foreigners will have an easy time figuring them out! There’s a help switch located on the ceiling (天井) as well. If you’re feeling unwell, you can let the driver know through this switch from within your room itself. Each room comes with Wi-Fi access as well.

Right next to the soft and plushy (豪華な、贅沢な) reclining chair is a large and unblocked window looking out at the passing scenery.   It’s almost as if you’re traveling on a business or first-class cabin on an airplane! The seat has more than enough space, making it easy to relax in. 



Hotel-quality Restroom

The one thing that intrigued (魅了する、好奇心をそそる) me the most when I first boarded the bus was the powder room (女性用化粧室) at end of the corridor (通路、廊下). Right around the mid-section of the bus is the restroom. The toilet itself comes installed with a washlet ( high-tech toilet ).



Incredible Hospitality, Amenities, and Service!

An announcement is made that we will be departing soon, and a crew member will be going around to greet passengers in their rooms. A short while later, the crew member reaches my room and knocks on the door. It’s the driver, who greets me politely and hands me a bottle of mineral water and a packet of hand towel.

This is done for every room on the bus, making all passengers feel welcomed and right at home! Of course, you can use the amenity pack (a toothbrush, ear plugs, surgical mask, eye mask, and other bus-related goods) and also borrow blankets, headphones, and USB cables.You’ll fall asleep in no time at all  in an eight-hour journey.



Arriving at Osaka Completely refreshed!


Before I even realized it, the bus has arrived at Namba, Osaka. An announcement is made 10 minutes before reaching the bus stop, so you don’t have to worry about waking up already at the bus stop and trying to pack your things together while still in a daze (幻惑). Announcements are also made in English, so international visitors can rest assured (保証する) as well! The driver helps us to unload our stowed luggage. Thanks for taking such good care of us throughout the long journey, Mr. Driver!

The bus will stop at the OCAT Mall building, which is completely indoors and directly connected to Namba Station on the JR Lines. This means you’ll be fully shielded from rain or shine all the way to the station.You’ll be visiting Universal Studio Japan or taste-testing all the delectable (とても美味しい) gourmet food Osaka has to offer. If you’re on a tight schedule and can’t stay in an Osaka hotel overnight, or just want to make the most effective use of your time in Japan, you can do no better than to consider using the Dream Sleeper to firm up (固く調整する) your itinerary (旅程).