【Self Study English ♡ Unit 1】 Learn English without a teacher!



I don’t have any money, so I learned English through self-study!




I remember when I first got off the airplane at Narita airport (Tokyo, Japan) more than 20 years ago. I felt like I was on a different planet! Everything I saw was new and exotic.

My head was filled with questions and I wanted to know everything. I wanted to know about Japan, the language, the land, and how Japanese think.


Whenever I met people who spoke a little English, I would ask them questions about Japan. Some people were very helpful and could give me a lot of answers. Other people didn’t seem to know even basic information about their own country.

When you talk to someone from another country, you never know what topic will come up. If you know what you’re going to talk about, then you can prepare by learning new words and phrases.


If you are Japanese, one topic that will almost always come up is Japan itself, and you should be able to talk about your own country. If you talk to non-Japanese people, they will probably ask you one or more questions.

When people become interested in Japan, they want to know not only facts and figures, but also how the Japanese think and why they think that way.



Well, well…


What’s your nationality?





I think you need to learn English more and more. So I hope that this article will help you to learn English by yourself (self-study). It’s more important that you express your feelings and talk about your experiences.

You might have an opportunity to show someone around Japan. You might go abroad on a trip or to live for some time. By talking more about Japan, you will be able to improve your English. You will also learn more about other countries and other people and their experiences.


This blog has been written to help you learn new vocabulary and basic grammar. You already know hundreds of English words, right? Take it easy. You can learn English by yourself, without a teacher.

However, you should have a dictionary with you when you learn English on this blog. This is because sometimes you may want to check the meaning of something, or find a word in your own language to help you remember the English word.


Every time you see or hear an interesting phrase, write it in your notebook, and write who said it or wrote it, and in what situation, as well as what it means.




Here is an interesting example.

(^ ^) ↓↓↓


ready :

(man at the door of a theatre, to all the people waiting)

” Have your tickets ready please! “

= Have your ticket in your hand (^^)



Making notes of the situations words are used in will help you to remember them and to use them at the right moment. (^ ^)/





🔴 Language words 🔴



☆ grammar word ☆

《



☆★ Learning   ☆★   ☆★ vocabulary ☆★

Keep a vocabulary notebook. Write the words you learn. Use a good dictionary. Ask your teacher something you need.




OK then,

please look forward to some lessons from the next time☺️