Why Japanese People 〜 Q&A


Why Japanese People…? Don’t you have any questions for Japanese People?

If you grow up and work in a Western culture, you are probably encouraged to ask how and why, and to question how things work.


Things are different in Japan, of course. if you are a new Japanese employee, you are expected to learn most of what you need to know without being told. If you are going to Japan, you want to know about Japan before going there.

So I’ll show you some. (^ ^)/






◉ Why are there so many vending machine in Japan?

Answer :   Vending machines are very convenient and Japanese love convenience. Also it is safe, so people don’t break the machines, or take the goods from them.



◉ Why is there so much wrapping on food?

Wrapping is a way of ensuring safety. A lot of wrapping makes Japanese feel that the product is good quality.



◉ Why do Japanese give me their business cards wherever you go?

Business cards are important for business in Japan. If you don’t have a business card, people might ignore you. Make sure you treat the business cards like a precious gift and not a piece of paper.




◉ Why do the companies that are involved in scandals often hold ”an apology press conference”?

In Japan, customers’ feelings toward companies strongly influence sales. When a scandal or problem occurs, it’s best to quickly and publicly apologize. The company’s future is often critically affected by how they apologize.



◉ Why are there cat cafes in Japan?

Cat cafes are place where people who can’t keep their own cats can go and pet cats. There are many apartments and condominiums that forbid keeping animals.



◉ Why are maid cafes so popular?

People like to experience another world when they are enjoying themselves. So Disneyland is popular even among adults. Adults like to let the child inside enjoy itself.




◉ Why do Japanese trains always run on time?

Japanese hate to be late, and they think it’s rude when others are late. If trains are late, the station gives out excuse papers to show your boss. Japanese train companies are proud of being punctual.



◉ Why do Japanese often go to karaoke?

For the Japanese, karaoke is a popular means of blowing off steam. It also functions as a means of communication – by singing in front of others, they can become friendlier with each other.



◉ Why do Japanese like cosplay so much?

Japanese are under pressure to act  a certain way. When we dress up, we can choose our appearance and personality. Cosplay is part of ”kawaii” culture. If you see someone in cosplay, be sure to say, ”kawaii”




◉ Why isn’t Ginkaku-ji, or Silver Pavilion Temple, covered with silver leaf?

The temple’s proper name is Jisho-ji, and Ginkaku is the nickname of its Buddhist hall. The nickname came about because there is a similar structure that is nicknamed Kinkaku, or the Golden Pavilion. It does have gold leaf.



◉ What do people pray to at Shinto shrines?

They pray to the object of worship called go-shin-tai, to which it is believed Shinto deities descend.

The object is different according to the shrine, including a mirror, a sword, or such simple items as paper strips or branches.



◉  Are there any samurai in Japan?

There are no samurai in Japan. The class system was abolished by the Meiji government. But they live on in manga, films and other popular culture.




◉ At Japanese festivals, many participants get quite tipsy. Why?

During many festivals, sake is offered to the deities. The sake once offered to the deities is believed to acquire divine power. After the ritual, people share the sake to benefit from that power.



◉ Why do Japanese like the tea ceremony?

People can clear their minds in an uncluttered space and enjoy concentrating on the beauty of simple objects.



◉ I’d like to try to do zazen meditation.

There are some temples where you can do it. You need to sit quietly for about 30 minutes, and then there’s a short break. If your legs start killing you, it means you’re becoming enlightened!




◉ Can I buy a Japanese sword?

It would be very difficult and expensive to buy an original sword. You can buy real-looking swords at souvenir shops, but the blades aren’t sharp. If you want to become a samurai, you should first practice with a fake sword.



◉ Is there a place where I can see real ninja?

I’m afraid there aren’t any real ninja alive these days. There are places where you can dress up like a ninja and do ninja training. Maybe there really are ninja, but they’re just hiding from everyone.