【PERSONZ】Hit Song ” Dear Friends” that was born after having been stabbed


PERSONZ (パーソンズ) is a Japanese rock band formed in 1983.


☆★  Current members  ★☆

Jill (vocals, lyrics)

・Mitsugu Watanabe (bass)

・Takeshi Honda (guitar)

・Tsutomu Fujita (drums)


☆★☆  Popular Songs  ☆★☆

Be Happy  [1988]

Can’t stop the Love  [1988]

・Dear Friends  [1989]

7 Colors  (Over the Rainbow)  [1989]

Fallin’ Angel ~ 嘆きの天使~  [1989]

・True Love  [1991]





The Secret of The Birth 〜 a big hit “Dear Friends”

JILL was married to a bandsman in her youth. And then, she was divorced immediately.She was stabbed by him (ex.husband) afterwards when she talked with the other man at a party. He was jealous of his ex wife.

After that, they met at the court and she felt sorrow than fear. She talks about the experience that she was stabbed in this way. ” There was a cold feeling than a pain.” ” I felt a sharp pain when removing a knife.”😌



She got caught up in an assault case. The band might be dissolved. They were young in those days. They might give up a band and get normal work. But they didn’t. The member waited for her recovery.


“I was really happy.”😄


And then,

” I made this song based on the experience.”



Life has its ups and downs 😃

Tomorrow is another day 😀







Imagine this. You are at a party and someone is friendly and you smile. Your partner thinks that you are betraying him or her.

Or your partner tells you a funny story about a former lover and you feel threatened. You feel the anger and the anxiety rising inside you and you don’t know what to do.



These kinds of jealous conflicts can end a relationship. But, if you are jealous, does this mean that there is something terribly wrong with you? Jealousy is angry agitated worry.

When we are jealous we worry that our partner might find someone else more appealing and we fear that he or she will reject us. Since we feel threatened that our partner might find someone more attractive, we may activate jealousy as a way to cope with this threat.





We may believe that our jealousy may keep us from being surprised, help us defend our rights, and force our partner to give up interests elsewhere. Similar to worry, jealousy may be a “strategy” that we use so that we can figure out what is going wrong or learn what our partner “really feels.”


We may also think that our jealousy can motivate us to give up on the relationship—so that we don’t get hurt any more. If you are feeling jealous, it’s important to ask yourself what you hope to gain by your jealousy. We view jealousy as a coping strategy.

Jealousy is feelings like the devils. You’ll lose many things for it.


♪ Sayonara wa Iwanai ♪  (I won’t say good-bye) (Theme song of Anime “Yu Yu Hakusho”)



Similar to other forms of worry, jealousy leads us to focus only on the negative.However, jealousy can be an adaptive emotion.We believe that it is important to normalize jealousy as an emotion.

In fact, jealousy may actually reflect your higher values of commitment, monogamy, love, honesty, and sincerity. You may feel jealous because you want a monogamous relationship and you fear that you will lose what is valuable to you.



Some people may say, “You don’t own the other person.” Of course, this is true—and any loving relationship with mutuality is based on freedom. But it is also based on choices that two free people make.

If your partner freely chooses to go off with someone else, then you may rest assured that you have good reasons to feel jealous. We don’t own each other, but we may make affirmations about our commitment to each other.



♪ Brave Heart ♪  (2008)




 There is no jealousy in a really strong relationship ♡

Relationships are complicated, but mostly because we don’t listen to the signals in our relationships. Jealousy is one very important signal we ignore, vilify and misunderstand. It is important, so pay attention.

Very simply, jealousy is the fear that we’re losing something. We love someone, and we don’t want to lose them. Whenever there’s the whiff that we might lose part of that other person, jealousy appears.



We’re not jealous because we inherently want to possess and own the person we love, however. Jealousy is not actually possessiveness. Possessiveness is a different problem. We are possessive because we have been told that there’s a harsh choice to make:

Either we have the person or someone else does. There can’t be two. So we become possessive because if there’s only going to be one, we want it to be us. Possessiveness is the problem of having an “us versus them” mentality.



Jealousy is different. If I get my cake, I don’t actually care if someone else also gets cake. The jealousy comes from losing my cake. If the cake is really big, we all can have cake. We know this intuitively from healthy friend and family relationships.

Mom doesn’t choose between her children. Likewise, good friends who have other friends are not a problem unless they start choosing one friend over another.




Loss is the problem, and that’s what jealousy is about. Jealousy is a loss meter. It isn’t limiting people or telling them to choose among their relationships, it is watching out for the strength of the relationship.

We need to respect this meter in each of our relationships, because there is no jealousy in a really strong relationship. The appearance of jealousy is a sign that the relationship might be weakening, or the other person is taken for granted, or there is poor communication, or someone in the relationship thinks a choice between two people must be made.



Jealousy can be a cancer, but really it just is a signal. It becomes a cancer when ignored, treated as possessiveness or vilified. Let it come into your life, handle it early, and watch it leave as quickly as it came.


Please think about it while listening to the song “TRUE LOVE” 😃




You don’t know Japanese lyrics, right? So, please enjoy it with just a beautiful melody and something like atmosphere 😄