【T-BOLAN】A Rock Star of Tragedy who lost his voice and his wife because of…


T-Bolan was a Japanese rock band which debuted in 1991. Its members were vocal Arashi Moritomo (森友嵐士), drummer Kazuyoshi Aoki, guitarist Takeshi Gomi, and bassist Hirofumi Ueno.

The name of this band was inspired by T. Rex and its vocalist Marc Bolan.


Their 1991 song “Hanashitaku wa Nai” (lit. “I do not want to release you”) became a hit song ☆



☆★ Hanashitaku wa Nai ☆★

(Lyrics in Japanese)

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After this success, the band released several hit songs and albums. Their 1993 song “Osaekirenai Kono Kimochi” (lit. “Inextinguishable This Heart”) was used for the ending theme of “Ichigo Hakusho” (in which then-unknown Namie Amuro played a role).

The single reached number 1 on the Japanese Oricon weekly charts, becoming their first number-one single.


♪ Osaekirenai Kono Kimchi ♪



☆★ Osaekirenai Kono Kimochi ☆★

(Lyrics in Japanese)

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Moritomo suffered throat problems…

His doctor advised that he should give up singing…



♪ By For Now ♪   (Very Good Song😃)



☆★ By For Now ☆★

( Lyrics in Japanese )

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Despite this, he was forced to perform a live concert on March 26, 1995. It became their final concert. After a long hiatus, the band officially disbanded in December 1999 and it was not until around 2010 that Moritomo finally regained his voice, he then began a solo career.


After hearing fans wishing for the group to reform however, Moritomo and the rest of T-Bolan agreed to reunite in late 2012 and are set to go on a nationwide tour of 16 cities beginning in October 2012.

In the end, They were disbanded…



However, they played one-night live on 31th Dec 2016 and Moritomo declared “we’ll be back again”…So…

They will most likely to come back soon.





By the way,


In 2004, moritomo’s ex-wife (Maria) committed mass suicide (total:7 people). In the car…

There was briquette in the car. Therefore, their cause of death was identified as carbon monoxide poisoning. Maria was looking for some partners for a suicide-pact on a message board. And then, she did it.


It was such a shocking case.

An ex-wife (Maria) of the vocal of the extreme popularity rock band died by her own hand. And it was strange. Why did she…?


In fact, they have a child. They divorced soon after a baby was born. Because she had some problems…her multiple personalities.

She was assaulted in a childhood by her father (child abuse, sexual assault, etc). As a result, she was deeply saddened and hurt…


She had to change herself. If not so, she wasn’t able to live…

She had a diagnosis of  “12 multiplex men of integrity” at a hospital.


They got divorced in the end. But custody of the child was a problem. It was decided that Moritomo brought up the child.

After that , she found a new partner and married again in 2003. But the husband used domestic violence.


They lived apart immediately. She begins a new life with a 5 -month-old child but …her multiple personalities appeared again.

And October, 2004 (Day of the fate), she who lost power to live for did away with herself.




Maria left a child with facilities right before she died. And she left a message for her dearest children.


“I’m sorry. Though I’ll die,  mother was happy because of you.”


Didn’t  anyone can save her of the childhood period?


Too sad…



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