【Self Study English ♡ Unit 8 】Learn “take” and “bring” for beginners


Self-study means…

the study of something by oneself, as through books, etc, without direct supervision or attendance in a class.


Actually, self studying is a valuable way to learn, and is quickly growing in popularity among parents and students.

So… you don’t like textbooks or classes?



Learning English by yourself can be much more fun ♡



Practice English on your own. Try these great self-study tips and your English will improve quickly. You will understand fast English and how to think in English.

I think today’s lesson will be easy and fun

(^ ^)v





☆ Take with time    (It + take + person + time )

🔴  I go to school almost every day. It takes me 30 minutes.

🔴 I do homework every day. It took me 2 hours yesterday.

🔴  How long does it take to get to the station?

→ 15 minutes in a taxi.





☆ Take with courses / exams, etc


🔵  Are you taking an English course?

🔵  Do you have to take an exam?

🔵  I want to take some Japanese lessons.





☆ Take with bus, car, etc.

🔴  How do you get to work?

→ I take the bus.

🔴 In Paris, you can take the metro to the Eiffel Tower.

🔴   How does she get to work?

→ She takes the train.





☆ Take something with you


🔵 Are you going out?  Take an umbrella.

🔵 Are you going to the beach? Take some water with you.

🔵 Sorry, you can’t take your camera into the museum.


🔵  You must take your passport when you travel.

🔵 Go to the secretary  and take these letters, please.




☆ Useful expressions

・Can I take a photo here?


※   Make a page in your notebook for “take” and put in new words that go with it when you see them

(e.g.   a picture, a look at, a chance)





☆  Exercises 

🔴 Complete the sentences using take and an expression from  ( your driving test, some lessons, an exam)


  1. At the end of the course, you have to ________.
  1.   You want to learn Russian? Why don’t you ________?
  2.   In Britain, when you are 17, you can ________.



《 Answer 》

  1. take an exam
  2. take some lessons
  3. take your driving test




🔴 What do you take with you when…

  1. you want to take photographs?
  1. it’s raining?
  1. you go to another country?



《 Answer 》

  1. a camera
  2. an umbrella
  3. my passport





☆ Bring and Take 


 take =  from here to there

 bring =  from there to here






🔵  Are you going to school?  Take your books.

(from here to the school)


🔵  Are you going to the kitchen? Can you bring me a glass?

(from the kitchen to here )



🔵  Please take this form to the secretary.

(the secretary is there)


🔵  Come to my house tomorrow and bring your guitar.

(for me, my house is here)







☆  Bring somebody something

 I’ve brought you some apples from my garden.

→ Oh, thank you.


 When he visits me, he always brings me flowers.





☆  Bring something back


🔴  It’s raining. You can take my umbrella and bring it back tomorrow.



A:  This book is interesting. Can I take it to read tonight?

B:  Oh, really? Then, please take it with you and read it.

A:  Thanks. I’ll bring it back on Friday.

B:  OK. No problem.



🔴  When she went to Belgium, she brought me back some chocolates.






☆  Exercises


🔵 Fill the gaps with take or bring.


  1. Are you going to the shops?  ________ an umbrella. It’s raining.
  1.   “Don’t forget to _______ your books tomorrow.”   the teacher said to the class.
  1. ________  your camera with you when you go to Bangkok. It’s beautiful there.
  1. Shall I ________  you a present from New York?



《 Answer 》

  1. Take
  2. bring
  3. Take
  4. bring





🔵   Fill the gaps with the correct form of bring or take.


  1. Hello, I’ve ________ you some flowers. I hope you like them!
  1. I ________ 1,000 photographs when I was in Rio de Janeiro.
  1. She has ________ my book, but she’s going to ________ it back tomorrow.



《 Answer 》

  1. brought
  2. took
  3. taken   …   bring





🔵   Are you in your English lesson now? If yes, look at  (a). If no, look at (b).


(a)  Name three things you always bring to the lesson.

(b)  Name three things you always take to the lesson.





Name three things someone has brought you recently



See ya  ☺️