The best things to do in Sasebo (Nagasaki)


Sasebo in Japan is known for its beautiful views and history in past wars. If you are curious as to World War II, then Sasebo is a great destination in Japan to learn more about it. Mix in all the nature and you will find yourself having a getaway of your dreams.

Sasebo is the second largest city next to Nagasaki in the prefecture and a romantic port town, and located less than 2 hours from both JR Nagasaki and Hakata (Fukuoka prefecture) stations.



With beautiful ocean scenery, the port town has a bright and hospitable atmosphere. Since a U.S. military base is located in Sasebo, there are a lot of Americanized shops to be found there.

Sasebo Seaside Park, located at the Kujirase-futo Pier behind JR Sasebo Station, is a place where tourists can take a closer look at the beautiful harbor, whether while sitting on a bench in the promenade along the seashore or while simply walking along breathing in the fresh sea breeze. Many marine vessels lay anchor in the large harbor of Sasebo.



The Kujuku-shima Islands are a group of 208 islands that lie about 25 kilometers to the north of Nagasaki’s Sasebo Port.

You can choose from taking a cruise and getting a tour off the water or head to a few nature walks and hiking. The islands will make you feel as if you entered another world.



Virtually the entire area is included in Saikai National Park. More than 80 percent of the coastline is protected in its natural state, with wildlife and landscapes that are worth visiting again and again in any season!


Here is what I recommend you see and do while in Sasebo.




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Huis Ten Bosch

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Umi Kirara

Kujuku-shima Aquarium — Umi Kirara
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Hands-On Pearl Removal

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Seafood Barbecue

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Uninhabited Island & Feeding Cruise

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Kujuku-shima Yacht Sailing

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Sea Kayaking

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Delicious food


Ramen : This is a dish you must eat when you visit Sasebo.


Sashimi : Enjoy various raw fish!


Turkey rice : one of the famous local gourmet









Kuroshima Island

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