Indonesia is the most pro-Japanese in the world


Indonesia has experienced a long period of colonialism. Indonesia had occupied for more than 350 years by the Dutch and suffered from poverty and discrimination. Among the people wishing for independence, such legends were born.

“One day, heroes with yellow skin will come from the north and drive away Caucasians and save Indonesia. And by the time corns are ripe, these heroes will leave.”



Indonesia’s basic information

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A prediction comes true


Island of Java    (March, 1942)

Prophecy became a reality!


Japanese army led by Lieutenant General Imamura, 55,000 soldiers landed in Java.

The village people believed that the legendary “Heroes in yellow skin” is these Japanese soldiers right here. They welcomed Lieutenant Yanagawa and others who landed in Java and began to accommodate them.


Lieutenant Yanagawa heard “the legend” from an older lady and decided. “All right, I myself will become the hero”. He declared to the Indonesian people as follows;

“We are the same Asian race. The objective of this war is to release you from the tyranny. I promise you, we will banish the Dutch soldiers from this country and give you freedom”.



After landing of the Japanese army, within 9 days, Dutch troops fully surrendered. Then, the preparation for independence began.

Unified nearly 300 different dialect into one Indonesian language and appointed the Indonesian Secretary of State, and Deputy Secretary. Government and parliament were operated only by the Indonesians.


Impressed by the independence movement leader, Sukarno, Lieutenant General Imamura formed a Indonesian Defense Militia (PETA). The education and military training Indonesian youth were conducted by Lieutenant Yanagawa himself and the Japanese officers.




End of War


(August 15, 1945)

The war was over…


Two days after the surrender of Japanese army, Sukarno immediately adopted the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and became the president and declared the independence.


Declaration : We the people of Indonesia hereby declare the independence of Indonesia. Transfer of administration shalt be carried out quickly and accurately.

by  Sukarno





However, to re-colonize Indonesia, United Kingdom and Netherlands invaded Indonesia again. Indonesia rushed into the war of independence against Netherlands.

To the surrendered Japanese army, the Netherlands order the blocking of the independence movement but the Japanese soldiers rebelled against the command and secretly aided tens of  thousand of tanks and weapons to the Indonesian military.



Furthermore, nearly 2,000 former Japanese soldiers didn’t return to Japan and participated in the independent militia. For the independence of Indonesian, they fought against the Dutch troops by staking their lives.

The Japanese soldiers who remained in Indonesia encouraged the young Indonesians to regain the independence at any cost.


The War of Independence lasted for 4 years and 5 months and finally won the independence by paying a great deal of sacrifice.

(800,000 people died)




 Independence of Indonesia



For the sake of Indonesia independency, the former Japanese soldiers fought in the front line of the battle field as the militia instead of inexperienced Indonesian soldiers. For that reason, about 1,000 Japanese soldiers died.

Indonesian Government entombed them in the National Cemetery as the heroes with great honor. They expelled Dutch away and made all the white people surrendered.


Japan taught them how to win independence and what sort of suffering they should experience to achieve independence. If Japan hadn’t fought the Greater East Asia War, the Asian countries wouldn’t have been independent.

Philippines, Thailand and all other countries are also very grateful to Japan. All the leaders of these countries know this fact well.




Indonesia is the most pro-Japanese country in the world


◉  Japan has a positive impact to the world ?


Yes ・・・ 31 countries

No・・・ 2 countries    (China, South Korea)



◉  The country most people who answered “Japan has a positive impact toward the world”


Indonesia   (85%)


Indonesia is the most pro-Japanese country in the world.