Tragedy of Anti-Japan Education in South Korea


Japanese pop culture, especially manga, is quite influential in South Korea. Since Korean youths can know the truth of the history (between S.Korea and Japan) using the internet, they know that Japan is not evil much.

They know that the Japanese Government’s compensated the damage country properly, include South Korea. Even apology has done already.


However, South Korean Government always use political propaganda (Anti-Japan Education) . As a result, many people in South Korea dislike Japan even now. The abhorrence against Japan is an important part of identity of Korean people. How terrible!

The government of South Korea always teach its people that Japan is an evil, untrusting, odd and poor country. For example, it is taught that Japan has never apologized about the coercive mobilization of comfort women. I can’t believe it! The truth is distorted.


The truth is…

 Japan continues apologizing to S.Korea over and over again

◉  Japan has already paid the Korean government a large amount of money (more than twice the national budget)  (in 1965)

(The Japanese Government intended to pay victims compensation money directly. But the Korean Government declined this)


And they (S.Korea) insisted as follows.


①  At first, we want to realize economic development

②  We intend to compensate victims with responsibility afterwards (after economic development)

③  So give us the money, not for the victims directly.


However, S.Korean government didn’t keep their promises, and hide the truth.



 We (Japan and S.Korea) have already performed complete solution, official agreement (formally) that it is irreversible

◉  Most of women said to be “Military Comfort Women”  worked of their own free will and earned much money

 Most of people said to be “forced labors” were employed appropriately and worked and got proper wages


 Japan often performs financial support afterwards in S.Korea

 The Korean government doesn’t tell these facts to its people at all

 On the other hand, they continue anti-Japan education


These are the bare facts.




Tragedy of Extreme Anti-Japanese Education in S.Korea

” A 95 year-old man was beaten to death for saying, “Japan’s rule was good for Korea”, raising cries of, “The old man deserved to die” and “It was a blow for justice”. ”

When a 95 year-old man in South.Korea expressed his opinion that Japan’s rule was good for Korea, another man who happened to be there got angry with him and beat him to death.


Shock spread among the Japanese people who witnessed the awful incident. In the comments section of an article delivered on a portal website, a Korean net user says “The victim deserved to be killed ” and the articles that defend the alleged killer rated very highly.

Surprisingly, many South Koreans have expressed support for the criminal.


“He worked for justice”

“The old man is a traitor”


It has become a terrible society, maybe…




Results of anti-Japanese education by S.Korea

Anti-Japan Education is HATE education. Due to powerful Anti-Japan Education by S.Korea for over 70 years, many important things have been lost.


They killed the Japanese national birds on the road brutally


What will children feel to see this?


The korean soccer supporters hanged a banner saying ” Congratulations Japan for the big earthquake” in the game of soccer in 2011. Unbelievable…




Some junior high school teachers in Seoul had their students draw pictures depicting each anti-Japanese sentiment. These pictures were displayed in the subway station in Inchon, Seoul.

It is said that S.Korean children are provided anti-Japanese educations from three years old.


Anti-Japanese Education…


air raid against Japan


burn Japan and drop bombs on Japan


stomp on Japanese flag


Children learn anti-Japanese education. So, they draw pictures that burns Japan.





Why does South Korea teach its school kids to hate Japan?

Why South Korea is so obsessed with Japan?


There are many, many reasons for it. For example,The domestic administration in S.Korea is not doing very well. Or …the purpose of Anti-Japan is to calm public discontent.

and so on…


However, they’re always complaining!

 You know nothing grows from hatred. We really hope that  they teach their children a constructive way of thinking for future intention.

Don’t be a habitual offender who extorts money from Japan.