【 Useful Daily English phrases ♡ Lesson 5】


The following sentences are written in easy English.

Please memorize it!


If you don’t know the meaning of some words, look it up in a dictionary.



Lesson 5 ★


🔴  Those who keep early hours will live long.


🔵  We were caught in a shower and got wet to the skin.


🔴  What do you do with your shirts when they are worn out?



🔵  I left the door slightly open for the cat to come in.


🔴  Mother asked father over and over to give up smoking.



🔵   Do you feel any attraction for this book?


🔴  He felt for his smartphone and found that he had a phone call from Mr. Bean.



🔵  It is not a good idea to spend all of your time watching TV.


🔴  He jumped off before the bus came to a stop.


🔵  I want to see him again before he starts.



🔴  Whoever comes is welcome.


🔵  Whoever comes, tell him I’m out.


🔴  What is the use of learning this (such things) ?



🔵  What is the use of reading such a book?


🔴  What is the use of memorizing such difficult words?



🔵  I regard him as a fool.


🔴  I regarded the money as gone.



🔵  I couldn’t help laughing.


🔴  “Did you break the plate?”  “Yes, but I couldn’t help it.”


🔵  She was anxious about missing the last train.



🔴  I know something was wrong with the engine the moment I started the car.


🔵  None of these plans ever came anywhere near realization.



🔴  Since World War ll, a great deal of change has occurred in many parts of the world.


🔵  A stranger seized me by the hand.


🔴  She hit me in the face.



🔵  He has superior motor skills.


🔴  She has a superior sense of balance.


🔵  I am superior to him in mathematics.



🔴  I can’t stand that nasty attitude of his any longer.


🔵  It is no wonder that he didn’t know.


🔴  No wonder that she got angry.




Good job ☺️