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LOUDNESS (ラウドネス) is a Japanese Hard Rock band formed in 1981 by guitarist Akira Takasaki and drummer Munetaka Higuchi.

They were the first Japanese metal act signed to a major label in the United States,  and reaching the Billboard Top 100 in their moment of maximum international popularity, as well as charting on Oricon dozens of times.


Despite numerous changes in their roster, the band continued their activities throughout the 1990s, finally reuniting the original line-up in 2001.

When original drummer Munetaka Higuchi died from liver cancer at a hospital in Osaka at age 49, he was replaced with Masayuki Suzuki.





Did Trump’s new immigration policies cause cancelation of LOUDNESS’s U.S. Tour?


Loudness, a decades-old Japanese heavy metal band with a history of performing overseas, has been denied entry into the United States due apparently to recent changes in immigration policy under the administration of President Donald Trump.

“Due to the new strict policies the U.S. government has placed on foreigners entering the country, Loudness was denied entry into the United States,” the club Reggies, where the band planned to perform, said on its website.


This is just fucking nuts!


There are many questions that need to be answered but clearly people’s disappointment can be aimed at America’s new insane travel policies that can only be compared to as chaotic a situation as entering any third world country.

No one knows what the fuck is going on and the higher up you go, the more asinine the reasons seem to be. Loudness is one in many bands who have either been denied or have canceled their US touring plans outright.







left to right: Masayuki Suzuki (Dr), Masayoshi Yamashita (b), Minoru Niihara (Vo), Akira Takasaki (g)


On Twitter, guitarist Akira Takasaki said: “My suitcase has also returned home. But I’ll leave it alone so I can go back on tour anytime. I feel very sorry for fans and others involved who were excited about the show. We’ll do our best to resume the tour.”


Officially, says Loudness: “This is to all of our fans who were anticipating to see the Loudness US tour starting April 19th in Chicago. We greatly regret to inform you, but due to various reasons the planned tour scheduled for the US has been postponed effective immediately. Loudness deeply apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause our fans.

“We plan to learn from this experience, prepare more accordingly, and we promise to put on a US tour again in the near future. Please wait a little while longer until that is possible.”


At the time of the initial cancellation, singer Minoru Niihara posted the following on his blog: “The US tour is canceled. I stayed in Chicago for three hours and returned home.

The band, which debuted in the early 1980s, had never been denied entry in the past, and Minoru Niihara (Vocalist) said he had never experienced a problem as an individual either.





That was a very sad story


I’ll say it again…


The classic Japanese metal band, Loudness, was denied entry into the United States  night after arriving at Los Angeles International Airport due to the new immigration policies from the Trump administration.

Loudness was scheduled to appear at Reggie’s Rock Club along with local acts Ironfinger, Pipe and Hessler. The rest of the band’s U.S. tour has been canceled.





A drummer died of cancer in 2008


Munetaka Higuchi, the leader of Loudness, which in the 1980s became Japan’s first hard-rock band to break into the U.S. market, died of liver cancer at an Osaka hospital. He was 49.

A drummer from Nara Prefecture, Higuchi formed Loudness with guitarist Akira Takasaki in 1981. The band’s fifth album, “Thunder in the East,” released in 1985, peaked at No. 74 on the Billboard chart in the U.S.



♪ In The Mirror ♪  (1984)



Hiroshima Peace Concert  (1988)


Set list

  1. Crazy Doctor
  2. Heavier Than Hell   (5:08〜)
  3. Long Distance Love   (11:45〜)
  4. Crazy Nights   (17:00〜)
  5. Speed   (21:58〜)



Munetaka Higuchi  〜 Drum Solo 〜




Higuchi was hospitalized after the cancer was diagnosed in March 2008.

“Undergoing a life-or-death operation, more than half of my liver was removed,” Higuchi wrote in a message posted Oct. 16 on the band’s Web site. “I will fight this disease facing the fact that I’m not out of danger and no optimism is allowed.”




He passed away…


♪ Metal Mad ♪   〜 Munetaka Higuchi forever our hero





Japanese Rock Star found dead after arrest for misbehaving on flight
left to right: Munetaka Higuchi (Dr), Taiji (b), Masaki Yamada (Vo), Akira Takasaki (g)


A Japanese rock star arrested for misbehaving on a flight has died in a hospital in Saipan, two days after trying to hang himself with a bed sheet in the island’s jail in 2011.


Taiji Sawada, 45, made his name as a bass player with the heavy metal band “X”, which later became “X Japan” and had a huge domestic following in the 1980s. He left the group in 1992 but played with a series of other rock bands, including “Loudness” and “DTR.”

Sawada had been arrested on July 11 for allegedly assaulting a female member of the cabin crew of a Delta Air Lines Flight 298 shortly before it was due to arrive in Saipan from Tokyo.


The attendant was in the economy class of the aircraft but heard a commotion in the business class, where she found Sawada allegedly struggling with a female passenger, the complaint said.

The crew and several male passengers were able to subdue Sawada and transferred him to another seat in the aircraft. A short while later, he again became violent, punching windows and kicking other passengers’ seats.


The captain of the aircraft was eventually summoned and ordered that Sawada be placed in physical restraints until the plane touched down. Sawada was arrested after leaving the aircraft but never gave a reason for his actions.

Held at the Saipan detention centre, Sawada apparently tried to kill himself on Thursday evening by hanging himself with a bed sheet. Discovered by warders, he was rushed to the intensive care unit at the Commonwealth Health Centre and placed on a life support machine. The machine was turned off on Sunday.


 Why did he choose to die?




Money trouble?

Or something like that?






  1. Let It Go
  2. Rock’n Roll Gypsy   (2:06〜)
  3. Like Hell    (5:20〜)





  1. Interview
  2. Crazy Doctor  (6:20〜)
  3. Crazy Nights   (8:52〜)


In this time, Loudness’s sound was much better than Motley Clue’s. So Motley’s engineer has fired or something like that.



 ♪ S.D.I ♪


This song is performed by Loudness and appears on the album Hurricane Eyes ( 1987)



♪ Soldier of Fortune ♪    (1989)


Vocal : Mike Vescera (right)





♪ Walking The Dead   (1992)    (Vocal: Masaki Yamada, Bass: Taiji)



♪ The End Of Earth ♪      (2001)


Munetaka always hitting like a fucking hammer !! Miss u a lot …



♪ Hit The Rails ♪    (2009)



Loves Loudness,loving them since the good old 80s.One of my favorite bands ever! I love LOUDNESS!!!


I love your style, Munetaka! R.I.P.





♪ King Of Pain ♪ (2010)



♪ Break New Ground ♪   (2012)



♪ The Sun Will Rise Again ♪    (2014)


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